Cosmos Latinos: An Anthology of Science Fiction from Latin America and Spain

Cosmos Latinos: An Anthology of Science Fiction from Latin America and Spain.
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USA, Wesleyan University Press, .

Opening a window onto a fascinating new world for English-speaking readers, this anthology offers popular and influential stories from over ten countries, chronologically ranging from 1862 to the present. Latin America and Spanish science fiction shares many thematic and stylistic elements with Anglophone science fiction, but there are important differences: many downplay scientific plausibility, and others show the influence of the region's celebrated literary fantastic. In the 27 selections included in this anthology, a sixteenth-century conquistador becomes the unwitting pawn of an astronaut; government agents travel through time to stop terrorists from altering history; a Mexican factory worker is addicted to pleasure-giving bio-implants; and a man fleeing nationalist hysteria seeks refuge in a spaceship. The introduction to the anthology examines the ways the genre has developed in Latin America and Spain since the 1700s and studies science fiction as a means of defamiliarizing, and then critiquing, regional culture, history and politics -especially in times of censorship and political repression. The volume also includes a brief introduction to each story and its author, and an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary works. Cosmos Latinos is a critical contribution to Latin American, Spanish, popular culture and science fiction studies and will be stimulating reading for anyone who likes a good story.


  • El remoto porvenir
    Juan Nepomuceno Adorno
  • En el planeta Marte
    Nilo María Fabra
  • Mecanópolis
    Miguel De Unamuno
  • El astro de la muerte
    Ernesto Silva Román
  • Baby H. P.
    Juan José Arreola
  • El Cosmonauta
    Ángel Arango
  • O copo de Cristal
    Jerónimo Monteiro
  • Una cuerda de nylon y oro
    Álvaro Menén Desleal
  • Acronia
    Pablo Capanna
  • El útimo reducto
    Eduardo Goligorsky
  • Post bum-bum
    Alberto Vanasco
  • Gu Ta Gutarrak Nosotros y los Nuestros
    Magdalena Mouján Otaño
  • Futuro
    Luis Britto García
  • Cuando Pilato se opuso
    Hugo Correa
  • El Falsificador
    José B. Adolph
  • Los embriones del violeta
    Angélica Gorodischer
  • Traplante de Cérebro
    André Carneiro
  • La Anunciación
    Daína Chaviano
  • Un error de cálculo
    Federico Schaffler
  • Stuntmind
    Braulio Tavares
  • Llegar a la orilla
    Guillermo Lavín
  • Estreno
    Elia Barceló
  • Ruido Gris
    Pepe Rojo
  • Destellos en vidrio azul
    Mauricio José Schwarz
  • Exerión
    Pablo Castro
  • Como tuvieron que morir las rosas
    Michel Encinosa